Competence by experience

Manfred Fellmann

Manfred Fellmann

  • Production manager in canned- and fine foods industry
  • Head of fine foods development department (Recipes and technology)
  • Leader of technological laboratories
  • International consultation and looking after projects for fine foods companies
  • Process application and technical service worldwide


Competence Details

After the education as food technologist I collected, during my activity as a production manager, many experience in managing production lines, production planning and, of course got insight into the complete business organization.

As head of fine food development I worked in the process application and technical service. It was a part of my job to develop stabilizers, to do this I had to understand the complete process of recipes and technologies and this on different equipments. The execution of store tests, examinations and tests of raw materials has also been my frequent work.

I lead another technological laboratory for more than eleven years. In this company machines and equipment were produced for the food industry.

They also could be used in the cosmetic area to make creams, ointments and tooth paste. Here I got
a deep insight into technical comprehension, behavior and manner of operation of pneumatic and electromagnetic valves, in work mode of pumps, motors and vacuum origins etc.

Authoritative are experience and knowledge how strong shearing stress, agitation speed, circulation achievement, pressure sensitiveness and so on, react on the product and how can it be determined.

I did a lot commissioning of machines, so my practical experience with different equipments was crewing up continuously.

During my long work experience in development and consultation I was standing opposite the most different tasks and defining problems. Besides the knowledge to solve problems quickly by improvising, I learned so much about diverse possibilities and variations of recipes and technologies made on different machines.

One of the very important parts of my job was to train personal and the teamwork by planning
quality management systems.

So in over thirty-four years I could assemble and deepen a lot of know how.