Our Profile

  • Creative and customized development of recipes and technologies
  • Movement of recipes and technologies to your manufacturing-plant
  • Resolving into the production
  • Consultation upon your technology- and equipment planning and of course machinery design
  • Teaching your stuff in the frame of technology, raw materials and hygiene
  • Planning of quality management systems


Achievement profile

mf_leistungsprofilTo develop high quality products there are important factors to regard. This includes machines and raw materials which are different from supplier to supplier.

In addition the claim on a product, the costs and the technical abilities have a big importance in development and revision of new products.

Therefore it is necessary to create a recipe and technology, adapted to costumer’s machine. This development and the movement on your equipment, belong to our extensive offer.

If some problems happen in the production or in the devolvement department, we can assure you that one call will be enough to give you immediate assistance.

Nowadays it is very important to have good educated stuff who knows what to do. Failures often could be noticed or averted earlier, when there is a good comprehension for operational procedure and materials.

Microbiological shelf life is not just quality assurance, which is very important, but also the hygiene comprehension of the workers.Therefore training in the areas of technology, raw materials, business expirations and hygiene is a part of our primary offer.